The production -
three elements of success

1. Experience

Our associate company, medi-plus instrumente GmbH, has been manufacturing medical instruments and devices with highly qualified personnel since 1989 – from standard surgical instruments to special instruments for spinal surgery.
Many years of experience, maximum precision, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship during assembly make medi-plus our indispensable partner.

2. Premium quality

Every day a multitude of surgical instruments and devices are produced. Medi-plus Instrumente GmbH work with state-of-the-art 3D CAD stations and have a highly productive machinery. The up-to-date CNC machines with combined service robots grant high-precision products. Only German raw materials like steel, synthetics and titanium are successed. The entire production is subject to conditions and regulations of DIN EN ISO 13485 and FDA. Thus a constant quality on highest level can be guaranteed.

3. Comprehensive solution

New designs, feasibility studies and manufacturing of prototypes are part of daily work as well as serial production. There is an entirely in-house production - from the first draft to the final product. Thus medi-plus Instrumente GmbH can work cost efficiently with minimal lead times.