Our aim -
sustainable growth

As a family enterprise, we often choose the long-term and therefore sustainable solution.

From this point of view, it is only obvious for us to minimize the ecological damage that is related to the added value in the sense of long-term sustainability.

Our production and administration premises in Tuttlingen have been obtaining 100% “green” electricity from Greenpeace Energy since 2005. In addition to that, we have installed two photo-voltaic systems on our roofs. Further more we count on electric vehicles in our car pool and cover more than two third our daily drives with our BMW i3.

We also try to relieve the environment in other field. For example, we collaborate specifically with logistics companies such as GLS, which centralize compensation, reduction and avoidance of CO2-emissions and make parcel shipping 100 percent climate-neutral. That's why we force digital storage and if not possible we use exclusively recycling paper for internal purposes.

Social commitment -
help for Peru

Tekno-Medical supports the German Red Cross in its campaign for dental operations in Peru.

Since 1995 the German Red Cross has been sending medical students to Peru. They use a well-established network with the Cruz Roja Peruana and the Rotary Club Independencia. Once a year for several weeks, a team of physicians is in Peru to perform interventions on patients with cleft lips and jaws and cleft palates. All kind of interventions related to this surgical field as well as auricle corrections are a daily occurrence. Patients of any age, many infants with prime occlusion operations, but also difficult repeat-interventions of failed first operations, final nose-lip-corrections on adolescents constitute complex tasks for the team. 

It is true there is still a long way to go, so let's continue moving.