NEXO-Compact Unit

The NEXO-Compact Unit combines 3 high-grade units (camera, light, capture) for professional use in one small and compact housing. The camera convinces by its brilliant and sharp HD picture, completed by the excellent illuminating power of the LED light source (comparable to 180W Xenon). The built-in touchscreen offers a quick, simple and intuitive command. Three buttons of the camera head can be individually assigned with 2 functions each, which enables a personalized setting. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a USB port, that offers the possibility for image capture in HD quality.

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Cranial Stabilization System

The newly developed head stabilization and retraction system has been specially designed to meet the needs of the user. The basic set is available wirh a skull clamp or neck support and can be connected to a complete attachment of holding system for the adaption of accessories (Viridis, Leyla, ...). This makes the system movable in all directions and height-adjudtable. Four adaption interfaces for the attachment of target devices as well as further connection possibilities for stereotactic procedures are available. A wide range of accessories is additionally available as modular configuration. Everything from one source, best quality and made in Germany.

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Small HF Units

The new Tekno Tom Series 80,100 and 141DPS is composed of intuitive electrosurgical units with high performances. The series convince with its user friendly design which allows easy working and clear legibility of the displays.

The units have been developed according to the latest electronic technologies and are completely microprocessor controlled which guarantees a maximum safety. Our new series comply with international safety standards and can be used in several medical areas.

TOM80 and TOM141DPS perform in monopolar and bipolar currents The TOM100 is especially made for office hysteroscopy field and works solely in bipolar. All units can be controlled via foot switches and hand pieces.

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Laser marking of Tekno-Medical products

With the successful introduction of the ultrashort pulse laser, Tekno-Medical is setting trendsetting impulses for the future.

Compared to traditional marking by chemical etching, laser marking is characterized by the possibility of marking an individual matrix code, as well as high-contrast and abrasion-resistant marking.

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) required by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) within the framework of the new guidelines for the labelling of medical devices can be implemented using the matrix code.

If up to now only special markings have been marked by laser, the laser marking is currently transferred to the control mode.

Almost all metals can be processed with the laser and thanks to the ultra-short pulse laser technology, there is no susceptibility to corrosion.

The surfaces are undamaged and very small line widths can be achieved.


With the TeknoCam 4300 UHD (tk 754-2600 UHD) we are presenting the most recent member of our endoscopic camera series. The latest 4K technology opens the impressive world of Ultra High Defi nition (UHD). In comparison to the already established Full HD-quality, the UHD provides a 4-times better resolution. Due to this latest technology the camera characterizes itself with natural shades of colour and colourbrilliancy as well as extraordinary contrasts and richness of detail. The four different camera head buttons provide a direct approach to all important functions. With the On Screen Menu the functions of the camera head buttons may be individually selected.

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The new shaver system TM940 has been designed for surgical procedures in small and large joints. The unit is constructed explicit and user-friendly, which allows to control its functions via control unit, handpiece or footswitch. Nine oscillation modes and an optional module to show signifi cant parameters on the monitor, complete the shaver system TM940 in its operator convenience.

The autoclavable handpiece is equipped with 2 double allocatable buttons. Following functions can be controlled via the handpiece: direction, oscillation mode, start/stop rotation and open window calibration*. Furthermore the ergonomic handpiece is much lighter than its previous versions and offers more comfort to the user. The non-slip and sealed foot pedal can control the same functions like the handpiece and can additionally control the speed.

*This feature allows to set up a desired position of the blade and it will always return to this position after rotation.

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MOBI 2 - Power Tools

The Power Tools series „MOBI 2“ by Tekno-Medical guarantees a high performing motor system which will inspire you. The high quality processing of exclusive material in combination with the user-friendly design assures comfortable and precise working. The intelligent positioning of the control elements allows an ergonomic one-hand operation.

Construction and design are made for the exigent everyday business of a hospital and ensure high reliability.

The TEKNO-MOBI 2 System is your reliable partner in the field of orthopedics and trauma surgery in the daily business of a hospital.

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Tekno-Medical present a comprehensive range of instruments for the Thoracic Surgeon to assist in Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery "VATS".VATS minimises open Thoracotomy procedures reducing post operative patient care.

Procedures of VATS includes:
- Pleurectomy
- Lung and tumor biopsy
- Partiel lobectomy
- Thymectomy
- Sympathectomy
- Pulmonary and Osephageal resection

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Atria 5 - new with adjustable color temperature

Following an intense analysis of the needs at the surgeon’s
working environment, Tekno-Medical has created the ATRIA light system - innovative surgical lights at a high technical level. They combine highest product quality with extraordinary design, precise illumination, high hygienic level and an unhindered and turbulence free circulation of air.

The Tekno-Medical ATRIA lamps are based on the LED (light emitting diods) technology for an optimal illumination of the operational field under all conditions. The new series of ATRIA 5 OR-Lights is now offering the user to adjust the color temperature from 3700°K to 4700°K, for an immediate and clear distinguishing of the different tissue structures.

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New operating tables

We are happy to present the new Tekno® operating tables which convince with their high quality and various possible applications. The tables are sturdily designed and show a lasting stability. High grade processed materials form an anti-glare and highly resistant surface.

Electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic units allow a precise positioning of the patients and offer highest reliability. The anti-static and decubitus-free cushions as well as the table plates are X-Ray translucent. A large assortment of accessories completes the tables for any specific need.

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Lightweight Needle Holder

Our new Tekno Lightweight Needleholder convinces with his new design and handling. The ergonomic handles made of anodized aluminium allows the operator a fatigue-proof working.

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Orthopaedic Instruments

Orthopeadic instruments with improved, larger handles made of anodized aluminium for a perfect grip. The well balanced instruments stand for perfect and fatigue proof working conditions.


New HF-unit with touch screen

The TEKNO TOM 500 belongs to the latest generation of Tekno-Medical HF-units. It fits for all disciplines from endoscopic to open surgery. With the optionally built–in argon gas beamer it leaves nothing to be desired. The 7” touch screen and the user-friendly software are simple and intuitive to use.

Two independently working micro-processors continuously control all security relevant data and thus measure and dose the supplied power in a safe and dependable way.

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