New shaver blades that can ablate bones and tissue at the same time

Discover our new shaver blades that are considerably sharper and more efficient than conventional shaver blades. Due to the new geometry bones and tissue can be removed with only one blade. In most cases, no second blade is necessary, saving cost and time. Test our new high-quality shaver blades with our proven Tekno Shaver System TM940 and convince yourself of their premium quality!

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In addition to our existing catalogues, we present our flyer "Laparoscopy at a Glance". This brochure contains a "high-end" laparoscopy system consisting of a selection of devices and a suitable set of instruments and is often used as a basis for developing an individual laparoscopy system with customers. You are also welcome to receive printed editions from us.

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Our new suction and irrigation pump OPTIO5 combines up to 5 applications in one device. In the basic configuration, you will get the pump with a license for laparoscopy and another application of your choice. The powerful universal pump will be operated intuitively via a high-resolution color touchscreen.

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Discover the impressive world of fluorescence imaging with the multifunctional system VISO NIR. Choose a full HD or 4K camera in combination with a laser light source of the latest technology and the corresponding endoscopes. The system can work in both: fluorescence and white light mode. The system is supplemented by a wide range of camera heads for different applications.

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NEXO-Compact Unit

The NEXO-Compact Unit combines 3 high-grade units (camera, light, capture) for professional use in one small and compact housing with touchscreen display. The camera convinces by its brilliant and sharp HD picture, completed by the excellent illuminating power of the LED light source (comparable to 180W Xenon). The device is equipped with a USB port, that offers the possibility for image capture in HD quality.

Our NEXO unit offers an extremely attractive price / performance ratio. See for yourself !

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300W LED light source with multifunction adapter

By developing LED light sources Tekno-Medical was once more the pioneer of a new technology for the demanding operator in the OR. A rotatable adapter enables the connection of different light guides of several brands.

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The new shaver system TM940 has been designed for surgical procedures in small and large joints. The unit is constructed explicit and user-friendly, which allows to control its functions via control unit, handpiece or footswitch. Nine oscillation modes and an optional module to show signifi cant parameters on the monitor, complete the shaver system TM940 in its operator convenience.

The autoclavable handpiece is equipped with 2 double allocatable buttons. Following functions can be controlled via the handpiece: direction, oscillation mode, start/stop rotation and open window calibration*. Furthermore the ergonomic handpiece is much lighter than its previous versions and offers more comfort to the user. The non-slip and sealed foot pedal can control the same functions like the handpiece and can additionally control the speed.

*This feature allows to set up a desired position of the blade and it will always return to this position after rotation.

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Smoke evacuation systems

Units for smoke evacuation are necessary when the surgeon’s field of view is limited by smoke due to the use of HF-units. Tekno-Medical offers units which can be combined with the insufflator to balance pressure decrease in the pneumo-peritoneum. In open surgery, smoke is evacuated to minimize smell in the breathing air.

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HoLEP instruments

Tekno-Medical offers a selected set of instruments for the endoscopic enucleation of the prostate, which can be used with urology morcellators and laser units.

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Bipolar resectoscopy

Effectiveness often starts with a good idea. The application of bipolar instruments not only reduces the operational related stress and negative side effects for the patient, but also the retention period in the hospital and thus costs. Tekno-Medical is one of the few suppliers worldwide that can offer a safe and reliable instrument / unit system for bipolar TUR.

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To withstand today's advanced technology, Tekno-Medical now offers you an Office Hysteroscopy Standard Set. This modern set includes an instrument set "Made in Germany", a brilliant HD video system and a powerful HF generator.

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XL Hegar dilators

Discover our uterine dilators, which are particularly suitable for
overweight patients due to their special length of 250mm
(approx. 70mm longer than standard dilators).

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Due to high demand, Tekno-Medical offers you a standard set of instruments for the ‚non-scalpel‘ vasectomy. It can be used especially for male sterilization.

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Basket for resectoscopy set

Due to the specially placed silicone holders, a complete resectoscopy set can be stored in just one basket. This saves time in clinical workaday life due to a clear and faster allocation. Thanks to the fl exible and universal holders, the basket can be used for monopolar and bipolar sets in different sizes.
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TRISTAR container system

Discover our TRISTAR container system. This is characterized by the latest filter technology, in which you can choose between PTFE and barrier filters as well as valve filter cassettes. Our TRISTAR system impresses with a variety of possible combinations and is extremely flexible in practice. For example, when changing the filter systems, it is possible to replace the individual filter cassettes in the lid without complete new lids and bottoms.

Additional advantages:

  • Integrated safety cover of the perforation field
  • PTFE permanent filter cassette suitable for approximately 5200 sterilization cycles
  • Almost maintenance-free barrier filter cassettes
  • TRISTAR container lids are compatible with existingcontainer bottoms of the E series

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Cranial Stabilization System

The newly developed head stabilization and retraction system has been specially designed to meet the needs of the user. The basic set is available wirh a skull clamp or neck support and can be connected to a complete attachment of holding system for the adaption of accessories (Viridis, Leyla, ...). This makes the system movable in all directions and height-adjudtable. Four adaption interfaces for the attachment of target devices as well as further connection possibilities for stereotactic procedures are available. A wide range of accessories is additionally available as modular configuration. Everything from one source, best quality and made in Germany.

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Lightweight Needle Holder

Our new Tekno Lightweight Needleholder convinces with his new design and handling. The ergonomic handles made of anodized aluminium allows the operator a fatigue-proof working.

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Tekno-Medical present a comprehensive range of instruments for the Thoracic Surgeon to assist in Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery "VATS".VATS minimises open Thoracotomy procedures reducing post operative patient care.

Procedures of VATS includes:
- Pleurectomy
- Lung and tumor biopsy
- Partiel lobectomy
- Thymectomy
- Sympathectomy
- Pulmonary and Osephageal resection

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Laser marking of Tekno-Medical products

With the successful introduction of the ultrashort pulse laser, Tekno-Medical is setting trendsetting impulses for the future.

Compared to traditional marking by chemical etching, laser marking is characterized by the possibility of marking an individual matrix code, as well as high-contrast and abrasion-resistant marking.

The Unique Device Identification (UDI) required by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) within the framework of the new guidelines for the labelling of medical devices can be implemented using the matrix code.

If up to now only special markings have been marked by laser, the laser marking is currently transferred to the control mode.

Almost all metals can be processed with the laser and thanks to the ultra-short pulse laser technology, there is no susceptibility to corrosion.

The surfaces are undamaged and very small line widths can be achieved.