Healthy joints guarantee a body’s flexibility. Tekno-Medical’s instruments and units contribute to keep up the joint’s entire flexibility or to restore it. All instruments are adjusted to the increasing demands of the modern OR-technology. Devices like suction- and irrigation units, shaver systems, etc. support the operator in his work. 

The Tekno-Medical arthroscopy highlight:


The new shaver system TM940 has been designed for surgical procedures in small and large joints. The unit is constructed explicit and user-friendly, which allows to control its functions via control unit, handpiece or footswitch. Nine oscillation modes and an optional module to show signifi cant parameters on the monitor, complete the shaver system TM940 in its operator convenience.

The autoclavable handpiece is equipped with 2 double allocatable buttons. Following functions can be controlled via the handpiece: direction, oscillation mode, start/stop rotation and open window calibration*. Furthermore the ergonomic handpiece is much lighter than its previous versions and offers more comfort to the user. The non-slip and sealed foot pedal can control the same functions like the handpiece and can additionally control the speed.

*This feature allows to set up a desired position of the blade and it will always return to this position after rotation.

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Arthroscopy punches

Tekno-Medical’s arthroscopic punches are manufactured of specially hardened steel. This results in a higher cutting quality and significantly less effort for the operator.

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Dismantable arthroscopy punches
Arhtro Bite detachable

Arthroscopy catalogue

You can find all arthroscopy products in our detailed arthroscopy catalogue which contains 60 pages.

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Art Pump II
Art Pump IID
Shaver TM940
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