For the endoscopic sinuscopy, especially delicate yet robust instruments are needed. At Tekno-Medical, the operator will find this combination in our instruments which comply with his or her demands.

The Tekno-Medical sinuscopy highlight:

Multifunctional drilling system

Tekno MBS was developed for a wide variety of applications, such as ENT Surgery, Neurosurgery, Maxillofacial Surgery as well as Orthopedics and Arthroscopy. The conciliatory treatment of patients by minimally invasive surgical technics in conjunction with endoscopy was the central part in the development of the new Tekno Multifunction Drilling System– MBS.

Nasal cutting forceps

In sinuscopy the surgeon needs especially designed instruments for an effective work, even on difficult accessible sites. Nasal cutting forceps from Tekno-Medical with their many different bendings and jaw directions guarantee the perfect access to the operation sites and thus a quick and efficient working.

Sinuscopy catalogue

You can find all sinuscopy products in our detailed sinuscopy catalogue which contains 40 pages.

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