Thoracic endoscopy

Tekno-Medical offers a big range of specially manufactured instruments for the endoscopic thoracic surgery sector.

The Tekno-Medical highlight of thoracic endoscopy:


Tekno-Medical present a comprehensive range of instruments for the Thoracic Surgeon to assist in Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery "VATS". VATS minimises open Thoracotomy procedures reducing post operative patient care. Procedures of VATS includes:
- Pleurectomy
- Lung and tumor biopsy
- Partiel lobectomy
- Thymectomy
- Sympathectomy
- Pulmonary and Osephageal resection

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Thoracic endoscopy catalogue

You can find our detailed thoracic endoscopy products included in the special catalogues of laparascopy and scopes.

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