Tekno-Medical disposes of a big range of units for all sectors in the modern endoscopy. The TEKNO® brand is distinguished by precise controlling technology and at the same time the easy, intuitive handling of all components.

The Tekno-Medical units portfolio:


Cold light sources (Halogen, Xenon, LED)

Cameras (1MOS, 3MOS, Full-HD, 4K/UHD)

Insufflators (with or without heating)

Suction / irrigation units (for various applications)

Shaver systems


Monitors (specially adjusted for TEKNO® cameras)

Documentation systems (standard und Full-HD)

DVD recorder


Equipment trolleys

Highlights of the units program:


Discover the impressive world of fluorescence imaging with the multifunctional system VISO NIR. Choose a full HD or 4K camera in combination with a laser light source of the latest technology and the corresponding endoscopes. The system can work in both: fluorescence and white light mode. The system is supplemented by a wide range of camera heads for different applications.

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NEXO-Comact Unit

The NEXO-Compact Unit combines 3 high-grade units (camera, light, capture) for professional use in one small and compact housing. The camera convinces by its brilliant and sharp HD picture, completed by the excellent illuminating power of the LED light source (comparable to 180W Xenon). The built-in touchscreen offers a quick, simple and intuitive command. Three buttons of the camera head can be individually assigned with 2 functions each, which enables a personalized setting. Furthermore, the device is equipped with a USB port, that offers the possibility for image capture in HD quality.

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4K camera TEKNO CAM 4300 UHD

The state of the art technique, easy handling and an outstanding image quality make this Tekno-Medical camera one of the best cameras on the international market.

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300W LED light source with multifunction adapter

By developing LED light sources Tekno-Medical was once more the pioneer of a new technology for the demanding operator in the OR. A rotatable adapter enables the connection of different light guides of several brands.

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Endoscopy units catalogue

You can find all endoscopy units in our detailed units catalogue which contains 72 pages.

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Cam 3700 HD
Cam 1000 HD
Cam 1100 HD
Cam 3100 HD
Art Pump IID
Shaver TM940
Smoke Evacuation System
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