Bipolar instruments

The application of high-frequency current in OR and surgery can be considered as a milestone of modern surgery. The most secure and gentle method is the use of the bipolar technique, were the current flow is limited to the area between the instrument tips. Thus any harm or influence on other or neighboring tissue structures is excluded.

Highligths of the bipolar instruments

Bipolar forceps

The product range of Tekno-Medical contains a great variety of bipolar forceps in different shapes. According to the respective intervention, forceps have different lengths, are straight, curved or bayonet shaped. All models are available with different tip dimensions.

The new bipolar thyroid forceps completes this program. The tips are shaped differently and allow secure and precise work even in areas with difficult access.

Beside the standard versions, bipolar forceps are also available as NON STICK models, the tips are equipped with a silver heat-conductive finishing for an effective heat dissipation and less adherence of tissue.

Catalogues for bipolar instruments

You can find our detailed products in the specific flyer for bipolar instruments and in our catalogue for electro surgery which contains 48 pages.

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