HF units

Nowadays, the daily routine of a hospital is no longer imaginable without units for HF-surgery. Also in the sector of resident doctors HF-units are getting more and more important.

Tekno-Medical’s huge product range contains units with different features for all medical requests. All Tekno-Medical HF-units can be adjusted exactly to the particular requirements in the OR. TUR, sealing of vessels and the optional equipment with argon pumps are characteristics of the TEKNO® HF-units.

Some Highlights of the HF units:

New HF-unit with touch screen

The TEKNO TOM 500 belongs to the latest generation of Tekno-Medical HF-units. It fits for all disciplines from endoscopic to open surgery. With the optionally built–in argon gas beamer it leaves nothing to be desired. The 7” touch screen and the user-friendly software are simple and intuitive to use.

Two independently working micro-processors continuously control all security relevant data and thus measure and dose the supplied power in a safe and dependable way.

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TEKNO® Small HF units

The new Tekno series of HF small devices impresses with high performances and a user-friendly design with large displays. This enables easy and safe work.

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HF units catalogue

You can find all HF units in our detailed catalogue for electro surgery which contains 48 pages.

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