Tekno-Medical offers a complete product range for the classic and the endoscopic ENT-surgery. Many years of experience in equipping doctor’s offices and hospital departments have built the basis for an enormous know-how. Suggestions for instrument sets can be established individually.

Highlights of our ENT instruments

Extra flat nasal rasp with interchangeable insets

The extra flat, only 1mm thin working ends offer ideal and delicate handling. Due to the reliable changing system, the working ends can be adjusted individually to the current application.

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Flat laryngoscope, HD

The Tekno-Medical laryngoscope stands out due to its extra flat design which allows an irritation-free treatment. In use, the laryngoscope particularly impresses with its lateral illumination.

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ENT catalogue

You can find our various ENT instruments and units in the ENT catalogue which contains 403 pages.

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Septorhinoplasty set brochure (SRP)
Endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS)
Tympanoplasty Set (TPL)
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