Micro surgery, neuro- and spinal surgery

Tekno-Medical is long known as a reliable partner for these important sectors in surgery. A big range of precise and carefully manufactured instruments for a wide field of surgical interventions as well as special models and special instruments of the TEKNO® brand for clearly defined applications are available for the end user.

Some Highlights of this sector:

Falvum punch according to
Dr. Hassepass

The flavum punch is a Tekno-Medical instrument which was developed by the renowned surgeon Dr. Hassepass. The flavum punch is needed especially for the stenosis decompression of the lumbar spinal channel.

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Detachable laminectomy instruments

In this highly sensitive surgery sector an easy cleaning of the used instruments is very important. The detachable Tekno-Medical instruments guarantee an absolute accessibility to all the inner and outer surfaces. All detachable instruments can be taken apart easily without any tools.

Micro, surgery, neuro- and spinal surgery catalogue

You can find all our products for micro, surgery, neuro- and spinal surgery in our catalogue for general surgery which contains 1.050 pages. 

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