Thorax, lungs

For the thoracic surgery sector Tekno-Medical offers rib retractors made of steel or aluminium and other high-quality surgical instruments made for a lasting improvement of the surgeon’s work.

Some Highlights for thoracoscopy:


Tekno-Medical present a comprehensive range of instruments for the Thoracic Surgeon to assist in Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery "VATS".VATS minimises open Thoracotomy procedures reducing post operative patient care.

Procedures of VATS includes:
- Pleurectomy
- Lung and tumor biopsy
- Partiel lobectomy
- Thymectomy
- Sympathectomy
- Pulmonary and Osephageal resection

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Rib retractors made of aluminium

Tekno-Medical’s rib retractors made of aluminium are distinguished by high firmness despite their low weight. 

Special instruments for the thoracic surgery

Especially designed for use in the endoscopic thorax surgery, these instruments from Tekno-Medical give the surgeon a save and secure feeling for his challenging work.

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You can find all our products for diagnostics, anaesthesia in chapter 14 in our catalogue for general surgery which contains 1.050 pages.

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