For the big and important traumatology sector Tekno-Medical provides materials and instruments for various purposes and ranges of application. Screws, plates, bone-nails and wires made of steel or titanium as well as the matching instrument sets offer the preconditions for a successful operation and a quick convalescence. 

Traumatology highlights of Tekno-Medical:

Implant set for small fragments

This instrument set contains screws, plates and instruments the operator needs for a lasting and safe assembling of small fragments.

Set of instruments for screws and plates

With this set the user disposes of the complete range which is needed to set screws and plates.

Bone rongeurs

With a huge range of bone rongeurs Tekno-Medical offers the operator a big selection of instruments for every application.

Traumatology catalogue

You can find all our products for traumatology in the catalogue of traumatology which contains 188 pages.

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