Vascular surgery

For years Tekno-Medical has been able to offer a wide selection of instruments used for vascular surgery. The big range of clamp forceps with atraumatic jaws and of instruments specifically construed for this area offer the operator exactly the kinds of instruments which are needed for routine and special interventions.

Highlights of our vascular surgery program:

Mammaria retractor

Due to the removable and adjustable valve, the spreader can be adapted exactly to every situation in the OR. The processing quality meets the highest requirements.

Micro scissors made of steel or titanium

Tekno-Medical offers a large number of micro scissors in many designs. Due to the spring handles the necessary strength can be measured exactly.

Atraumatic micro forceps

Micro forceps with atraumatic serrated tips guarantee a safe and careful grasping of small, fragile vessels.

Forceps for newborn and infants

Especially developed for the surgery on newborn and infants, Tekno-Medical offers forceps with jaw-forms and curvatures in a big variety. These instruments can be manufactured with DeBakey or Cooley jaws.

Vascular surgery catalogue

You can find all our instruments for vascular surgery in the catalogue of vascular surgery which contains 260 pages.

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