Sterilization and storage of surgical instruments in suitable containers provides the best possible protection for the high-quality instruments and devices. Containers from Tekno-Medical are available to the user in all common sizes, shapes and materials. Tekno-Medical can offer containers with filters or valves. Additional protective lids increase the safety of the sterile goods.

Highlights of our containers

TRISTAR Container-System

Discover our TRISTAR container system. This is characterized by the latest filter technology, in which you can choose between PTFE and barrier filters as well as valve filter cassettes. Our TRISTAR system impresses with a variety of possible combinations and is extremely flexible in practice. For example, when changing the filter systems, it is possible to replace the individual filter cassettes in the lid without complete new lids and bottoms.

Additional advantages:

  • Integrated safety cover of the perforation field
  • PTFE permanent filter cassette suitable for approximately 5200 sterilization cycles
  • Almost maintenance-free barrier filter cassettes
  • TRISTAR container lids are compatible with existingcontainer bottoms of the E series

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Basket for resectoscopy set

Due to the specially placed silicone holders, a complete resectoscopy set can be stored in just one basket. This saves time in clinical workaday life due to a clear and faster allocation. Thanks to the fl exible and universal holders, the basket can be used for monopolar and bipolar sets in different sizes.
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Steril container catalogue

You can find our detailed container assortment in our 14 pages sterile container - System I catalog.

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