With a complete range of units and instruments for laparoscopy, Tekno-Medical has become one of the most important suppliers for the biggest sector of endoscopy. The strength of Tekno-Medical is its own production. Individual adjustments to special necessities of the operators or the current use are possible as well as new constructions based on customer’s specifications.

Highlights of the sector laparascopy:

Ergonomic handles

Tekno-Medical has always paid particular attention to the inclusion of the operator’s needs into the product design. Newly designed handles make the surgeon’s daily work more comfortable and avoid tiredness of the hands.

Smoke evacuating systems

A free and unhindered field of view is indispensable for a successful work of the surgeon. Tekno-Medical has developed fast and effectively working smoke evacuating systems. The pneumo-peritoneum can be kept up due to the connection of the units to the insufflator.

Laparascopy catalogue

You can find all products of laparascopy in our detailed laparascopy catalogue which contains 108 pages.

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